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About Us

MAG-BIT was founded in 1980 in Alberston, NY by Marshall Kume. Realizing that a need existed, in the professional contractor market, for higher quality auger bits and related wood boring cutting tools, Mr. Kume focused his company's strength on this specialized product group. 

Over the decades that followed; MAG-BIT has strived, year after year, to continually add, complimentary products that focused on the professional tradesman. Not just serving the wood boring market, but spanning many power tool categories that bore or cut multitudes of different types of materials over many trades.

One example of our cutting edge, unique, new product introductions includes our Molybdenum Coated Nailbomber Auger Bits. Starting with the highest quality steel and incorporating the high heat resistance and lubricating qualities of the coating, MAG-BIT has created the longest possible life for these auger bits. This innovation has allowed our contractors to be more productive, profitable, and safe.

The passion that MAG-BIT has demonstrated, for growing product lines focused on serving professional contractor markets, continues today at our Santa Fe Springs, CA headquarters. Our engineers, using the latest technology, have skills that meet the demands of the professional contractor market and also focus on new products that will offer solutions for many more decades of service to our loyal customer base. MAG-BIT IS...PROFESSIONAL GRADE POWER TOOL ACCESSORIES...FOR THE PROFESSIONAL TRADESMAN.

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