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We've said several times that electricians can prep three to five homes for wire pulling with MAG-BIT's molybdenum-coated Nailbomber auger bits without stopping for bit sharpening. Steve Dierdrick, an electrician, tells us that we're understating the contribution the Nailbomber makes in getting a job done quickly and correctly. 

Dierdrick purchased a MAG-BIT 15/16" x 18" Nailbomber auger bit at Ligon Electric Supply. An adept craftsman, he has bored out and wired many homes with auger bits manufactured by other companies. With the Nailbomber, he was able to drill holes for pulling wire in 27 homes averaging 2,220 square feet in size. Amazingly, Steve did not have to lose time in resharpening the Nailbomber's cutting edge. We can't guarantee that the bit would not do as well as Steve's bit, but we know that this high performing auger bit will go a long way in helping you to become more productive and profitable. 

Steve Dierdrick

Mooresville, North Carolina

I need to find one of your distributors in the San Fernando Valley area. I bought the MAG-BIT 303DLX Heavy Duty Ship Auger Bit "Nailbomber" from an internet auction site and let me tell you, I'm impressed! I own a small electrical company, and after 17 years of buying Auger Bits from brands such as Greenlee, Dottie, Irwin, and Milwaukee, I have never come across an Auger Bit like yours. The balance and quality of the bit knocks my socks off. I will try your other products for sure.

Thank you and have yourself a great day!!

Casanova Electric

San Fernando Valley, CA

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